Thanks to Christelle's professionalism we were able to find the right fitting apartment for our needs. The process went quickly and smoothly and she was of great help setting up the main services too.
Christelle is also a lovely person, with a friendly and helpful approach, which helps immensely when you are worried about your relocation.


Christelle helped us to find our home sweet home when we moved from Paris to Pays de Gex. Thanks to her, we saved a lot of time and money (she has great connection and is able to find the best value for money location !). On top of that, she's a very nice person and she completely convince us to love this area as she does.


Christelle has been helping our family to relocate in the Geneva/Pays de Gex area coming back from Asia. 
She quickly understood our expectations and identified very relevant houses for us.
Her background as a lawyer was clearly an asset ... and we eventually signed a lease thanks to her help.
I definitely recommend her as a clear professional and knowledgeable person.

Christelle est une consultante très professionnelle qui a très rapidement compris nos attentes et nous a fait bénéficier de son expérience. elle connaît parfaitement le pays de gex. Son aide administrative a été également indispensable. 
C'est la première personne que nous avons rencontré dans cette nouvelle région où nous ne connaissons personne et elle s'est montré très rassurante. Encore merci à elle. 

Christelle is an extremely detailed-oriented and forward thinking professional, only to be exceeded by her kind and insightful nature. For anyone embarking on the French/Switzerland real estate search, I recommend her highly for her ability not not only find a suitable place to live that meets your requests, but to find a home that meets your needs.