Whether you want to rent or buy a property in the « Pays de Gex », Geneva or Annecy regions, Chris Relocation will help you and advice you all the way through all the necessary steps, and will hand the keys down to you as a final step. Thanks to our excellent network and partnerships with local estate agents and individual sellers, we can help you get access to otherwise unavailable or not yet publicized properties, widening the scope of your search as well as expediting visits.


  • Questionnaire to identify basic requirements and needs
  • Research reports on housing based on your specific criteria
  • Pre-selection of properties based on your requirements
  • Accompanied visits throughout Neighboring France
  • Personalized pick up and drop offs 
  • Unlimited visits to houses with no time limit
  • Negotiation and closure of rental contracts
  • Opening water, gas, electricity, TV and internet contracts
  • Etats des Lieux (inventory inspections) of selected housing
  • 3 month hotline after installation is complete